Sunny Isles Condos — The Porsche Design Tower Takes A Huge Step Into The Future Of Luxury Living

7 December 2011

Are you looking for a residential property that is out of the ordinary? Ones that will make you feel truly special? Ones that are truly one of a kind and only the best people in the world can afford? Then head over to Miami Beach and check out Sunny Isles condos that are currently available.

But f you do not fancy any of the available condo property options that are found in Sunny Isles Beach today then you might want to consider waiting because one of the best condo towers of all time is soon to be built right in the fabulous coast of this glamorous city location.

If you are a fan of the Porsche brand then you might want to consider living in their condo tower which is currently in the works. Porsche Design Group and a local developer Gil Dezer are going to make history as they create the first futuristic condo tower in the world today with a 57-story tower that will accommodate 132 housing units that already have designated parking spots on the same level as the condo unit.

The project definitely runs off the idea of knowing how wonderful it would be to be able to take your fancy car which is why — if you decide to get a unit at this ultra-exclusive condo tower — you will definitely love how they take care of you and your car. Once you have parked on your designated spot, you and your car will be taken on an elevator ride which leads to Destination: Home. The only time that you would actually have to leave your car is when you have arrived at your front door and even then you would still have the pleasure of seeing your car from within your living room space.

It is truly amazing how fast our technology has changed in just a short span of time. Who would have thought of this kind of luxury condo living in the Sunny Isles condo market ten years ago? Today, the Miami real estate market is making the future happen now right before our very eyes and the Porsche Design Tower is just a start — a milestone, if you will, for a series of next generation residential properties found not only in Miami but all over the whole world.

For an individual who has the perfect car and now wants the perfect residential property in Miami, Sunny Isles condos will truly give you the quality options you are truly craving for, especially once the Porsche Design Tower finishes, people can expect a lot of investors and buyers closing in on multiple properties for their own investment opportunity purposes.

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