Miami Neighborhoods: Coconut Grove Offers Opportunities That Are Perfect For You And Your Family

6 December 2011

If you are looking for a neighborhood in Miami that could very well be the next place that you and your family can call home then you will find Coconut Grove to be one of the places that have so much potential in giving you what you and your family really deserve. Not only are the real estate properties in the neighborhood beautiful but the neighborhood itself is truly amazing.

Coconut Grove was not always a part of Miami; it used to be an independent village but all that changed when Miami officially took it in during the 1920s. Today, it is a superb area that is filled with fun and exciting opportunities which are great in more ways than one.

Naturally, one of the first things that you will want to know about is its location which happens to be bounded by all sorts of attractions such as the North Prospect Drive to the south, South Dixie Highway and the Rickenbacker Causeway to the north, and the beautiful Biscayne Bay to the east which means that being able to live in this superb neighborhood will easily grant you and your family access to some the best locations within the region.

Being the oldest neighborhood in Miami to be inhabited by people, it has managed to earn itself a rich history that can add color to the experience of simply being around the area. In fact, numerous residents of Coconut Grove include famous people such Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost, and even Alexander Graham Bell.

Of course, it would also hold some bearing for potential real estate buyers to know that even people such as LeBron James have also chosen Coconut Grove as their home in Miami which will only prove that there is definitely great value in choosing this neighborhood out of all the other options since James does happen to be a major superstar in the world of basketball. In fact, you might even bump into him during one of your days out with the family!

It goes without saying that people who interested in being able to call this place their new home will find that there are many fabulous Coconut Grove real estate options that showcase timeless architectural designs which are absolutely perfect if you are keen on such features being present in a home. Nevertheless, these classic homes are all designed to be up-to-date with modern living needs which includes functionality and comfort at its finest.

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