Multimillion Dollar Star Island Luxury Homes Offer Wealthy Lifestyle Opportunities In South Florida

25 November 2011

Among the most exclusive residential communities within the South Florida region is an island that makes a perfect blend between exclusivity and the natural brilliance that the region has to offer to the world. An island that has earned its reputation among the wealthy and famous individuals that have needs which are different from most people — a community called Star Island.

Found in the relaxing blue waters of the Biscayne Bay, between Downtown Miami and the city of Miami Beach, Star Island is an artificial island that was created by the American entrepreneur Carl Fisher and was developed until completion by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1922.

Since then, much has changed to the island’s appearance as it has gone through many decades of being able to provide exclusive benefits to a few selected people. Today, more people are being given the opportunity to indulge in the luxuries of living on such a splendid island that offers an amazing collection of luxury home properties which are perfect for today’s modern needs.

There is no doubt that people who live on Star Island are given as much exclusivity that they can get — a feature that is always preferred by people who wish to have a moment of peace and tranquility within a location as beautiful as South Florida. But there are only a limited number of Star Island luxury homes that are available to the people who wish to reside in such a community which means that even individuals that have the financial ability to make their move on such properties will not easily get what they are looking for since properties for sale are not always available.

While people may find a downside to that aspect, there is definitely no complaints coming from the residents who are able to immerse themselves completely in what the community has to offer, whether it is immediate access to the island’s beauty or the opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Star Island luxury homes certainly prove to offer high-profile individuals which an immense satisfaction in the features and amenities that are found on each property, especially when you come to consider the expansive lots on which these properties are built upon.

Needless to say, the luxury homes found on Star Island tend to go on the market for millions of dollars which means that there is no doubt to the fact that it is a location intended for the wealthy.

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Star Island Luxury Homes