Golden Beach Real Estate Opportunities Can Come Up On The Market In The Winning Package Deals

25 November 2011

Keeping an eye on the South Florida real estate market definitely has its many perks since you never really know when you are bound to find smashing deals that pop up every once in a while. One such fabulous real estate opportunity in the outstanding town of Golden Beach became available and the outcome was remarkable.

Being a town that has always proved to be perfect for wealthy living, it is no surprise to find successful individuals within the Golden Beach community. Recently, a pair of siblings who also happen to be retired cardiologists had come to the decision to place their respective luxury homes for sale on the market but — unlike most of today’s real estate sellers — took on a much more interesting take on how they were to sell off the homes on the market.

Since the town of Golden Beach is widely known for its superior range of luxury real estate properties, it is typical for the home properties to fall in the property price range of one million and up. However, the siblings had decided to place both of their luxury home properties up for auction as a package deal!

At the end of the bidding, both of the homes had been sold to a bidder who has chosen to keep his or her identity a secret. Nevertheless, both Golden Beach real estate beach-front mansion properties were sent off in a bundle that had amounted to $12.4 million which the siblings intend to divide equally among the two of them.

Understanding that there are undeniable challenges in being able to sell of real estate properties on the market nowadays — especially ones that fall under the high luxury category — the siblings took it into their own hands to make sure that neither one of them had to go through any of the obstacles by putting both luxury homes on auction.

While most people familiar with the world of real estate know that auctions tend to be the option made for distressed home properties, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and being aware that there is always great value in the fabulous selection of Golden Beach real estate properties, there will always be people who are willing to go for opportunities such as the one presented to the market by the brothers who are now very happy with the outcome of their endeavor that has brought about positive results.

Joan Vonnegut
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