West Palm Beach Luxury Homes — Three Communities Worth Checking Out For High Value Real Estate

23 November 2011

If you are looking to live in the beautiful state of Florida but feel that Miami is not an option that you are inclined to consider due to whatever personal reasons, there is one amazing city called West Palm Beach that will most likely be a worthy alternative for you as you look for the next city in Florida that offers you the best real estate options that you can soon call home.

Located in Palm Beach County in Florida, West Palm Beach is a great alternative for people who wish to enjoy tropical climate without having to live in Miami. In fact, Palm Beach County has become the preference for over a million people who have come to find their own place within the outstanding city with almost 100,000 of those people doing so in the city of West Palm Beach.

There are great real estate options including numerous luxury real estate properties on the market which are found in various communities as well as historic neighborhoods which are fascinating as they are beautiful, especially when in comes to the selection of West Palm Beach luxury homes that emanate a classic Mediterranean style that is utterly remarkable.

To help give you a better idea on which different locations are worth checking out for luxury real estate in the city of West Palm Beach, we have put together a list of three superb communities which offer options that are well worth your time.

El Cid

One of the communities that came about during the peak of the real estate boom in the state of Florida is El Cid which basically means The Lord. It only makes sense to find out that El Cid is among the nationally registered historic spots within the city as there are numerous Mediterranean revival West Palm Beach luxury home properties found within the community that are perfect for anyone who is looking for something that is timeless.

Flamingo Park

The community of Flamingo Park is one that has been acknowledged for having high ridge sections which have granted the area added potential in terms of real estate. As people become more aware of that value, property values have definitely improved. In fact, residents of the area have been making an effort to restore the classic homes that were built as early as the 1920s.

Prospect Park

For a much more exclusive residential district, the community that is simply known as Prospect Park proves to be another great option especially for people looking for West Palm Beach luxury homes within more upscale areas within the city. Despite being an area developed almost a century ago, the properties in Prospect Park are very much up to par with today’s modern standards as proven by the wealthy residents of the lovely district.

As much as these communities are excellent options to keep in mind as you explore the available options within West Palm Beach, it is always best to consult with a real estate agent who specializes in West Palm Beach luxury homes so that you can get all the best options that are available to you on the market today.

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