Aventura Real Estate Options — Consider Exclusive Living In Fresh Single-Family Homes In The City

18 November 2011

People who choose to live in Miami are often drawn by the fresh qualities that make life in these parts of South Florida such a great idea. Of course, not all places within Miami are able to provide the highest forms of luxury for people because each place features their own unique characteristics. But if you are looking for a community of freshness then Aventura is the city for you.

Located in the northeastern section of Miami-Dade County, the city of Aventura is a sunny environment that features a variety of options that are perfect for people who enjoy upbeat modern living which works alongside people’s greatest goals.

Being a city that is home to an incredible selection of communities which are superb for people who want a residential option that speaks to them on a personal level.

While Aventura is recognized for its fabulous condominium options, there are other properties which can be found in communities within the city for any of today’s real estate buyers who wish to know where to start looking for great single-family homes within the city.

Aventura Lakes

If your idea of perfect living involves a single-family home property where you and your family can thrive, you will find that the Aventura Lakes community is going to provide you with all of the exclusive features that you need in life, including its very own gatehouse and recreational facilities with a lakefront swimming pool. Aventura real estate options within this community come in Spanish-Mediterranean themes to provide the more stylish and classic homes for people today.

Island Estates

If you are looking forward to being able to live on a private island that is still part of the city, Island Estates is a great option to consider as its collection of single-family estates prove to be among the most luxurious Aventura real estate properties on the market as they exude elegance and sophistication like never before. While the homes within the upscale community comprised of two private island may be expensive, it proves to be a worthy option for people who expect massive homes to cater to their massive needs.

Just because you live in the city of Aventura doesn’t mean that you have to resort to living in a condominium since there are fabulous single-home properties which are guaranteed to provide people with luxury that is offered within a fresh environment that is amazing and truly fabulous.

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