Miami Luxury Homes Are Less Likely To Be Influenced By Foreclosure Issues And Interest Rates

15 November 2011

People that are anxious to find out about the state of the local real estate market in Miami will find that there have been a mixed variety of results witnessed over the last year which include both upward and downward fluctuations in different parts of the region.

There has been growth in property prices of as much as 12 percent for the Downtown Miami area. On the other hand, the North Miami area has experienced a drop in prices of 7 percent while Miami itself has taken on a lesser decline at 3 percent. However, a barely noticeable increase of 0.6 percent has been experienced in Coral Gables while Key Biscayne has gone up by 1.7 percent.

These figures definitely prove that Miami is indeed one of the most diverse places in the United States as even their real estate statistics have shown that each area has its own set of qualities which make them stand out from one another as showcased by a variety in median house prices across the region without any great focus on the luxury real estate market.

Nevertheless, today’s real estate buyers remain keen on learning more about the state of the luxury market as numerous sources claim that the situation is looking good in that department of the local real estate market which everyone knows has been deep with issues of foreclosures and interest rates.

It goes without saying, however, that the property market for Miami luxury homes is somewhat immune to the issues of foreclosures despite the fact that there are growing percentages of Miami luxury homes that are being sold in their pre-foreclosure stages which indicates that there is a much more forward-thinking approach to such issues as opposed to other sectors of the market who end up taking no such relevant action.

As far as the subject of interest rates, real estate buyers and investors that are focused on Miami luxury homes tend to be people who earn relatively higher income which is almost a guarantee that any financial obstacles are sure to be dealt with in a sound and responsible manner.

One major factor that does seem to have an influence on the property prices of Miami luxury homes involves that of timing since there are definitely more interested buyers who take the initiative to move in on the luxury real estate market during the last few months of the year. Nevertheless, the fact that luxury homes in Miami are less likely to be influenced by other factors is a fact that remains true because of their supreme quality and value on the property market.

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