Miami Luxury Homes Within Aventura And Coral Gables — Home Options That Feature Contrasting Styles

2 November 2011

Thousands of people come to Miami with their hearts filled with dreams of being able to live glamorously like so many of the high-profile individuals that fit perfectly into the exclusive communities around the paradise beach location.

However, it is not unusual for such people to find themselves at a loss when it comes to picking out the best possible communities where they too can blend in like butter on bread. After all, there are so many exclusive communities around Miami that any person who should ever be presented with such options is sure to stop for a moment because of the astonishing selection that is available in the region.

In the hopes of being able to provide today’s luxury real estate buyers with as much useful information as possible, we have taken the time to provide you with details on two of the most ideal exclusive communities that can be found within Miami that happen to have rather contrasting styles. Here they are:


If the people of Miami had to choose a city within the region that can be considered to be a fresh breath of air, the prize would certainly go to Aventura which is also known as the City of Excellence. It is fresh, it is new, and it has certainly one of today’s most happening locations as it continues to develop in ways that one can only imagine.

Real estate options that are available within Aventura are likely to provide you with a satisfying range which includes luxury condos as well as outstanding waterfront home properties within communities such as Aventura Lakes, Presidential Estates, and Golden Point Community.

Coral Gables

Moving on from something fresh and new to something that is elegant and timeless, the city of Coral Gables is one of the most aesthetically pleasing locations within the region. It is also recognized as The City Beautiful and the brilliance with which the city has been created is proof of how worthy the city is of such recognition.

One of the most fascinating qualities that can be observed within the city of Coral Gables is the sophisticated use of Mediterranean Revival styles in the selection of Miami luxury homes within the city. While there are also some other architectural designs available for real estate buyers on the market, the best of Coral Gables will definitely be known as its collection of luxury homes with Mediterranean qualities.

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