Luxury At Its Best — Miami Luxury Homes On Island Communities Upon The Waters Of Biscayne Bay

18 October 2011

When we talk about luxury living in Miami, there are always a lot of options waiting out there. But what defines luxury, anyway? Is it the location, the convenience, or simply the money you have invested in order for it to happen? Is it the fact that you have paid for something that is truly one of a kind?

Regardless of which defines luxury for you, you will find that Miami is one of the few places in the United States that offers great residential properties at competitive prices! In fact, the Miami luxury home residential market has always made sure that there are enough quality homes to go around for the high demand that it needs to cater to.

Whether you are looking for a new home or a secondary rest house, there is always something worth buying in Miami. But if you are really looking for a property that is considered to be the best in Miami, the three artificial islands found within Miami’s Biscayne Bay are sure to leave you breathless. So if luxury living is what you want, Star Island, Hibiscus Island and Palm Island are the top island communities for you.

Star Island – this is probably one of the most popular man-made islands in South Florida. This island is considered to be an ultra-exclusive neighborhood is home to only 35 luxury homes. Aside from its exclusivity, most of the people who live here are billionaires because, let us face it, a luxury home property set upon a fabulous man-made island certainly won’t come cheap.

Hibiscus Island – not too far from Star Island is the fascinating Hibiscus Island. If you think Star Island has the best Miami luxury homes in the region, wait until you see what Hibiscus Island homes have to offer. This neighborhood boasts a rich history of grandeur which can be felt just by looking at the gates that protect the neighborhood.

Palm Island – south of Hibiscus Island is Palm Island which is perfect if you are looking for multi-million dollar Miami luxury homes within exclusive neighborhoods, this man-made island is the best place for you! You can never find greater luxury than what is offered in Palm Island. Among the famous personalities who have lived in Palm Island are Scott Storch, Barbara Walters, and Al Capone.

With the MacArthur Causeway being the only road to connect Miami and the three artificial islands—Hibiscus, Palm and Star Island—it is safe to say that these three neighborhoods are home to the most elite Miami luxury homes available today. If you have the money to invest in a luxurious home, you won’t even have to think twice about living in one of these three artificial islands once you see your luxury options.

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