Fisher Island Real Estate — A Testimonial To Over 100 Years Of Its Remarkable Transformation

15 October 2011

Fisher Island has transformed from being a land reclamation project in the early 1900s to an eloquent tropical paradise playground for the rich and famous in a span of one century and much of that transformation has involved the rise and development of many superb real estate options which are available on the local market up until this very day.

The beautiful island is located minutes away from Miami proper and is conveniently situated in a central position in the area. It used to be the private vacation home for the Vanderbilt family but as the decades rolled by it had evolved into being a site that had featured impressive Spanish style mansions which were built during the 1980s after a long series of legal issues with regards to legal ownership of the property.

Despite the fact that people have seen the last of those ownership issues, the island is still one of the most exclusive communities in the region and retains its inaccessibility to the general public in order to ensure that the island community’s residents are given the highest degree of safety and security possible.

People who are interested in the available options on the island can find more than a series of Spanish style mansion properties since the Fisher Island real estate market offers other properties such as condos which have become one of the top picks when it comes to real estate in the region.

In fact, Fisher Island condos have proven to be a highly suitable choice for people who would like to take a much more modern yet somewhat practical approach to luxury living since these real estate properties provide people with just the perfect home space for tropical island living; Fisher Island condos come fully-furnished and complete a full set of facilities which make living on the island an absolute breeze.

Nevertheless, the prime selection of luxury real estate properties such as mansions and estates prove to be the best when it comes to the classic Fisher Island lifestyle experience which includes utmost tranquility and peace within grandiose locations which are nestled perfectly within the natural environment of the island community.

Many find the history of Fisher Island to be truly inspirational, especially when you take into consideration its humble beginnings and its transformation which was no easy feat. Despite all of these things, the island community is now home to superb real estate properties which are definitely worth talking about.

Joan Vonnegut
Fisher Island Real Estate