Miami Real Estate Market Conditions Continue To Change As Supply Diminishes Across The Region

11 October 2011

Real estate markets are prone to rise and fall to certain extents because of the influence that various have over the market in general. Such activity is considered normal around the world, but the effects that the recent crisis has had on the Miami real estate market has definitely been strong enough to shake the market up in ways would that take years to recuperate from.

Over the last couple of years, it has become more apparent that the balance between both the supply and the demand for real estate properties in Miami has changed a lot and that is something that has been a double-edged sword since it has been able to benefit some people while it has become a major problem for many others.

During the financial crisis was at its peak in the latter part of 2008, there were about 108,000 real estate properties for sale on the market with only a small number of real estate buyers who were willing enough to make their acquisition moves.

Eventually, developers who were engaged in the local market went bankrupt and lending became an issue for a lot of people since lenders no longer wanted to lend anymore. But buyers who were looking to put down as much as 30 percent of the property price found that loan agreements were not really that difficult to get.

Nevertheless, investors have become a dominant figure on the local market as these individuals and groups have been looking to take advantage of the Miami real estate market while the opportunity lasts. In fact, the weak state of the dollar has been a major issue that has proven to be particularly superb for many of today’s international buyers who have been on the receiving end of the opportunity at hand when it comes to making their own real estate purchases, many of which happen to be paid for on a cold cash basis.

Now, we are looking at less than 48,000 real estate properties up for sale on the local market and it seems that the property prices on these options have gone up as a result of the diminishing inventory supply. People are quite anxious to see what is going to happen next on the Miami real estate market since these changes are definitely going to be worth looking into as the supply for real estate properties continues to decrease across the region.

Joan Vonnegut
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