Lockout in the NBA – Players are asked to apologize to the fans

11 October 2011

LeBron James (Miami Heat) and Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) were expressed through Twitter to say sorry to the fans. Is that after the meeting between representatives of the athletes and the franchisees there was no agreement and the start of the season was suspended for two weeks.

After the release of NBA commissioner David Stern, who noted the failure of the meeting between representatives of the players of the world’s premier league and franchise owners, players, the stars of this tournament, showed their disappointment at the suspension of two weeks before the start of the season. 

One was LeBron James, the last team forward runner, Miami Heat. “I sincerely apologize to all fans. It is a very sad day for all of us but especially for you. There is no us without you” , said American player in the social network Twitter.Another basketball Heats of setting out its opinion in this way was the Dwyane Wade, who harshly attacked the NBA commissioner, David Stern: “His words hurt those who work at the American Airlines Arena, stadium belonging to the Eastern Conference team, and at other stages, as well as local businesses and our fans “ .

But it was not all Florida players the only ones who apologized, as did also the umbrella of the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, who also used the social network to reflect what he feels. “I just want to apologize to all fans of this lockout. I feel your pain,” said one of the figures of the second most valuable franchise in the league.

In this dispute, basketball clubs claiming losses from the current system where each has a quota of money to assemble the squad of players and where, if exceeded, must pay a “luxury tax”. Furthermore, regarding the salary of the player, every basketball player takes a salary range between a maximum and a given preset minimum number of years they have been playing in the league. And if the first year of the athlete in the NBA, his salary would be based on the position chosen in the draft. All this without counting the cost of safety clubs, trips and stays, among other things.

To remedy this situation, the franchisees wanted to cut the salaries of players at the beginning of the 57 percent (as in last season) to 40 percent . The players refused. In the first instance of negotiation, agreed to accept lower basketball revenues to 53 percent, and the clubs were stretched up to 47 percent, or 10 percent less than last season. However, no agreement reached, now the players do not want to get off the 53 and up from 47 clubs .

There is a precedent: in the 1998/1999 season were played 50 games of the regular season instead of 82. The lockout ended in January 1999 when the Players Association and established a new NBA collective bargaining agreement. That season, the San Antonio Spurs took up with the championship ring.