Hurricane “Philippe” fades and becomes a storm again

8 October 2011

The cyclone “Philippe” lost intensity and is now transformed back into a tropical storm in the Atlantic to lower its maximum sustained winds of 110 kilometers per hour, the Center National Hurricane (NHC) of the United States.

“Continue weakening is forecast during the next two days and is likely to lose its tropical characteristics on Sunday,” the hurricane center predicted, based in Miami, in your newsletter from 21.00 GMT.

“Philippe” was at that time to 1,035 kilometers east of Bermuda, moving east-northeast at 20 kilometers per hour.

The storm will turn to the northeast and then north-northeast over the next 48 hours.

In this season of hurricanes in the Atlantic basin, which began June 1 and ends on 30 November, 16 tropical storms formed, of which five, including “Philippe”, became hurricanes and three of them were very intense cyclones.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for its acronym in English) predicted that during the season formed between 14 and 19 storms, of which 7 to 10 will become hurricanes.

Of these, between 3 and 5 could be major hurricanes with winds above 178 kilometers per hour