Stern confirms the down with Wade. “I do not point the finger. I’m not your son,” said DW

3 October 2011

A key meeting was almost the last chance to have a full season of NBAThe most important players in the league and demonstrated to be present for the first time since negotiations began.

However, the weekend was presumed key to the end of thelockout at the end will be remembered for the incident dialectical starring David Stern and Dwyane Wade .

The most powerful man in the NBAand one of the biggest stars of the league had a verbal clash that raised the temperature of the negotiation.

At one point in the meeting for seven hours! held on Friday in New York , and after the star of the Miami Heat was referring to a couple of times the commissioner as “David” , which annoyed the boss of the competition, Stern made ​​a comment pointing to escort you took it wrong and bad ways answered.

“I do not sign it with your finger. I’m not your son “ , the newspaper said Ric Bucher , the ‘ESPN ‘.

Himself David Stern acknowledged the incident after the meeting, but did not give much importance: “I would assume that neither is going to remember, but there was a heated exchange (of words). I passionately defended the system we have and what has brought, and what would need to continue to bring the players and owners. passion and he behaved well. “

The presence of the stars did not involve a change in the negotiations between the players union and owners. Progress was minimal.

“There are great differences between the two proposals on the table with regard to economic aspects, but will continue in the process,” said Derek Fisher , president of the players’ union.

Both sides focused their discussion on the salary cap and did not touch the issue of revenue sharing, one of the hot spots of the negotiation Currently, the split is 57% for players and 43% for equipment. But the owners want the percentage to take players down to 46% .

Yesterday’s was probably the last chance to save the full development of the season.  It is quite possible that this week begins to cancel the NBA regular season games.