Miami Celebrates National Seafood Month with a feast of delights

1 October 2011

The rich variety and quality of seafood from the coast of Florida are a great attraction to many restaurants in Miami, which held in October National Seafood Month in U.S. with all sorts of culinary whims and crustaceans based on seafood.

From the luxurious lobster or crab claws, dimension tables culinary Florida to fish shrimp or texture as delicate as red snapper, do not miss anything that can make people happy and fervent supporters of fish-eating shellfish.

October has become the month of seafaring delights in Florida with a constellation of enthusiastic cooks baked, fried, macerated, season and pamper the freshest product.

Samuel is the case Gorestein, Colombian chef Jewish origin has developed a special menu for the increasingly insatiable lovers of seafood and fish healthy.

In fact, the seafood industry already generates more than 60,000 million dollars a year to the U.S. economy and employs over 250,000 people in this country.

Gorestein, who commands the kitchen of BLT Steak, is delighted with the great reception it receives each year nationwide initiative that makes Miami the “cradle of the sea” and a feast of shellfish delicacies.

“We have the ocean here,” exclaimed the cook Efe has prepared a seasonal menu with daily selections of fish and shellfish that are offered on the blackboard in the dining room.

He stressed the “importance of dedicating a month to the shellfish,” and that “we can take advantage of all those found on the coasts of Florida, especially in the south.”

Are your favorite? Gorestein not hesitate to opt for the lobster, rock shrimp (prawns) and fish from mild flavor and firm, the yellowtail, red snapper and swordfish.

And the shrimp are still one of the seafood consumed by Americans, who eat an average of just over seven kilos of seafood per person per year, far below, yes, the massive 66 kilos engulf the annual Japanese.

At 27 years, this two-time candidate Beard Award-the highest award of the American dining-kitchen is committed to a joyful, natural, neat, open to mixing with an imaginative touch to assemble flavors and aromas.

His proposals do not rest on the stove but pyrotechnics devotion products first and refined technique in the treatment of the texture of seafood.

Its more risky bets are the raw snapper “yellow tail” (a local fish) with caramelized orange poached lobster with curry emulsion and lemongrass.

In the tables of Miami during the month of seafood can not miss the ceviche, a dish that has climbed a privileged place in the menus of the most prestigious U.S. local. The BLT Steak is offered on the basis of tropical triggerfish, cilantro, serrano chile and citrus.

As entrees, the grandson of Syrian Jews who immigrated to Colombia may be surprised with a crispy whole snapper Cantonese style, with a wine reduction sauce, or apply the old formula of fish to salt for baking.

In the pleasures of good food around the fish and shellfish are increasingly pointing to American diners, of which 20% consumed at least twice a week seafood.