Hurricane Ophelia up to category 3 in the Atlantic Ocean

30 September 2011

Hurricane Ophelia strengthened again on Friday near the island of Bermuda, and up to category three on the Saffir-Simpson, of five levels, with winds of 185 kilometers per hour (kph) according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), based in Miami. Currently, Hurricane Ophelia is the third largest in the Atlantic hurricane season, which extends until late November, but is not expected to make landfall, said the weather report, noted AFP.

 However, Ophelia will have strong winds and torrential rain to Bermuda on Saturday when produce “dangerous conditions for surfing along the beaches” of this island, warned the NHC. On Friday, Ophelia was about 1,000 km of Bermuda and was moving about 19 ​​mph north-northwest. 

The hurricane now threatens the U.S. coast and Canada as it was feared at the beginning and is expected to be reduced to the storm trocipal Monday. Hurricane Irene, the most potent of the three previous hurricanes this season, 2011, killed about 50 people as they pass through the Caribbean and United States in late August, while Washington stood at 10,000 million dollars in property damage the populous East Coast.