Know The Importance Of The Florida Commercial Real Estate Towards The State’s Overall Progress

29 September 2011

The Florida commercial real estate market has come a long way when it comes to stabilizing its market. Over the past several years, Florida has had troubles selling residential and commercial properties for the longest time due to the continuous rise of foreclosed properties because of the ridiculous mortgage rates. It was only after the latter parts of 2010 did the Florida market managed to bounce back from its losses as a lot of foreign investors have taken a heavy interest in the South Florida market.

After a series of economic instabilities, inflation of properties and the ongoing recession, the sales for residential and commercial properties have taken a huge halt during the times where everyone’s money suddenly disappeared. Soon after the recession struck, countless Florida commercial real estate properties were foreclosed by banks while others decided to call it quits before going in debt.

Despite the global recession, the real estate market for the Sunshine State eventually got its shine back when foreign investors and buyers have decided to migrate or own a business property in some parts of Florida to maximize profits. Everyone knows that Florida is one of the many destination places to be found in the United States that is why the Florida commercial real estate market plays a vital role on a city or State’s economy. The commercial real estate is responsible for the development of hotels and office spaces for potential business clients, while warehouses can benefit any business in need of a place for their equipment and supplies.

Buying a commercial real estate property is no joke. Unlike residential properties, commercial properties can cost from hundreds of millions of Dollars to Billions of Dollars –and that is one of the reasons why the commercial real estate has been stagnant because only a handful has the money to invest on these lucrative properties these days. Most of the commercial real estate purchases nowadays are initiated by foreign investors because they are the ones with money this time around.

Without the commercial real estate properties, there would be no hotels accommodating travelers and tourists, no office spaces for future Fortune 500 companies, no warehouses for international brokers and distributors. Imagine how lifeless a city would be if there are no active commercial real estate properties for sale. That is why it is amazing to know that the Florida commercial real estate never gave up on making sure that there are always going to be available commercial real estate properties available for years to come in Florida.

Joan Vonnegut
Florida Commercial Real Estate