Find The True Meaning Of Peace & Solitude With Exclusive Fisher Island Real Estate Properties

29 September 2011

Are you tired of living in a busy and congested place like Downtown Miami? Are you looking for a place where peace and quiet comes easily? Head right over to Fisher Island and get the solitude that you truly want and deserve.

It may be true that utmost tranquility is something that money can’t buy, but if you are talking about a great quiet, safe, and highly exclusive home property, you are sure to find no place better than Fisher Island.

Fisher Island was developed by Carl G. Fisher and is one of the few islands in Miami where the only way you can access the city is by ferry or your private yacht. Having only 218 households inside the magnificent island which lies three miles away from the mainland, it grants residents the feeling of being completely safe within an isolated community where people are perfectly adept in helping each other out.

Having a population that does not exceed 1,000 is considered to be a great and stable community. Imagine living in a place where you know everyone; knowing that you truly know your neighbor puts your heart and mind at peace, especially for your children. Being in a small and exclusive community is really vital to anyone’s life especially the young ones as they can value and appreciate life more than the ones being disturbed by outside forces within our control.

A property in Fisher Island is not cheap, but it is truly worth it. In fact, the many different home properties available on the Fisher Island real estate market only come in limited numbers because Fisher Island’s economy is stable and consistent over the years. Even though Fisher Island is not a city, or at least as of yet, the compassion, reliability, and all the tools needed to start a great city is present inside Fisher Island, the only reason why Fisher Island can’t become a city just yet, is simply because local law enforcement agencies for Fisher Island is still dependent on the Miami-Dade County.

If you have the money to invest on a property in Fisher Island, by all means, do it. Being exclusive is a feeling worth experiencing, and once you have a Fisher Island real estate property in your hands, you can expect nothing but the best accommodation available for your money, ever. Always remember that you can never find a better, quieter, peaceful place than Fisher Island, so if you are all about peace –go for it!

Joan Vonnegut
Fisher Island Real Estate