Too Many Miami Foreclosures — A Problem That The Florida Rocket Docket Was Unable To Set Straight

23 September 2011

Roughly three months ago, things were expected to change as far as the foreclosure courts in Florida’s Miami region were concerned since the Florida Rocket Docket had been pulled out just as it became clear that the after-math of the recession had indeed taken its toll on Florida’s very own judicial system that has had no other choice but to run on less funds as usual with the 2010 emergency funds having been spent down to the last dollar.

As far as the number of cases being sent to the foreclosure courts in Florida, the cases of home properties that are being filed continue to pour in. However, people manage to find in knowing that the figures are almost 54 percent lower than they were in the last year, but that still makes for a high number of foreclosure cases that need to be handled by the local courts which is still a cause of concern for the system at work.

During the first quarter of 2011, there were almost 60,000 foreclosure filings that had been set before Miami courts and eventually the special judicial program that had so handsomely been referred to as the Florida Rocket Docket had sprung forth into existence with the specific purpose of being able to deal with the incredible volume of foreclosure filings that were being sent to Miami courts. However, that special judicial program has already come to an end.

It seems that purpose of the special judicial program had not been successfully pulled off by the Florida Rocket Docket but one thing for certain is that its honest intentions are truly commendable as it sought to find an approach which would effectively help deal with the insane volume of Miami foreclosures that had been coming into courts. As much as people had hoped that the Florida Rocket Docket would be able to help in addressing the issue of foreclosures all across the region, it seems that there had been too many complications which eventually led to it being pulled out from its effective disposition.

Now, the problem that people face as far as foreclosures are concerned are still pretty much the same, but a wide variety of people continue to look into the situation in the hopes of finding better solutions to put an end to the problem of Miami foreclosures which continue to hold the local real estate market—as well as the local economy—from being able to truly step out of the rut which everyone has been forced into ever since the recession.

Joan Vonnegut
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