Miami Commercial Real Estate Credit Crunch — How It Affects People Across The Region

23 September 2011

Miami commercial real estate has always been a great option for people who are in the process of making both long-term and short-term investments and it seem that there is a great deal of money that is currently idle in the sidelines just waiting until the situation proves to be better since many of the banks which have been holding back have only grown careful due to the aftermath of the market’s recent crash.

There is no questioning the fact that the market crash has taken its toll on numerous institutions which include banks all across the region of Miami and it seems that all these events have led to a credit crisis which stems from the grievances that have taken shape in the industry.

People that are hoping to borrow money from banks and lenders in the Miami region will find it to be even more difficult than before because of the undeniable certainty that continues to loom over the market.

Recently, a group of people involved in real estate including brokers, developers, financers and other real estate professionals have taken the time to gather over a discussion panel regarding important issues revolving around Miami commercial real estate issues and it seems that it is estimated that the difficulty is likely to remain steady across the region for two years at the least.

It is definitely an issue that has had a lot of people worried about their own businesses and investments. Also, it is a major concern for those who are looking forward to the opportunity to establish their own investments within the Miami region. But despite these difficulties, banks all across the region have been able to provide people with financial assistance except that the procedures that are being carried out are done so with stricter guidelines in order to ensure that all matters are set and are carried out straight.

Nowadays, people that need financial assistance will be required to provide at least 25 to 35 percent of the initial down payment which amounts to an increase of almost 15 percent from years prior to the market crash. On the other hand, borrowers that have qualified for Small Business Administration lending assistance programs are granted the privilege of having to pay as low as 10 percent of the real estate property.

Much like any other situation, especially those that involve real estate, people will be able to see things in a variety of ways. There will be those who will find opportunities hidden within these difficult times, and there will be others who will only be able to see nothing but darkness throughout; but one thing for certain is that the Miami will always thrive despite all these hard times and Miami commercial real estate options will always be an excellent option for people who want to invest in the region.

Joan Vonnegut
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