The Exclusivity That Fisher Island Real Estate Properties Offer To People Is Truly Beyond Compare

22 September 2011

Right by the Biscayne Bay and the waters that surround the southern section of Miami Beach is a superior island location called Fisher Island that is private and exclusive and highly recognized as being so. In fact, the island is so exclusive that people find that being able t o come visit the community to find out about the available real estate options is not always an easy feat.

Naturally, Fisher Island is rich with luxurious home properties that are suitable to the high taste of many of today’s richest and most famous individuals who seek available luxury home options within such communities that offer high regard for their privacy. After all, the last thing that these rich and famous individuals want is to find their pictures up on local newspapers taken by paparazzi while they have been catching some sun by the beach.

Miami Beach is filled with beach areas that are packed with people each day, all year round, which is a big no-no for rich and famous individuals who want nothing more than a slice of paradise where they can finally enjoy some good old peace and quiet.

The island covers a span of 216 acres and within the island’s perimeters are some of the most mind-blowing luxury real estate properties that can ever be imagined. Being such a phenomenal site for luxury homes, Fisher Island is definitely up to par with what people mean when they say they want the best real estate options around. Fisher Island real estate options are found to be a beautiful blend of both classic and modern architectural styles which are perfect for individuals of refined taste since the private island is also a distinguished symbol of sophistication and so much more.

Essentially, features and amenities that are outside of these luxury homes are also a major consideration that has clearly been thought out when the island community had been established because, as we can clearly see today, the Fisher Island Club provides people with recreational activities and services such include access to its tennis center that has 18 courts and its very own golf course which is of international standards.

People will find that even shopping has been taken care of so that residents of Fisher Island will not have to go over to the mainland to get their shopping fix because the island itself has its very own shopping center with a grand selection of specialty shops and boutiques that are perfect for the preferences of the high status residents of the island.

If you want privacy and exclusivity in your life, then Fisher Island is the place for you because—once you do—you’ll never have to leave the island if you don’t have to.

Joan Vonnegut
Fisher Island Real Estate