Miami Hispanic entrepreneurs make, grow 115%

22 September 2011

Hispanic Entrepreneurship was evident in the city of Miami on Monday when it opened the 32nd Annual Convention of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce United States (USHCC, by its English name). The organization brings together more than 200 chambers of commerce nationwide and has over 3 million union members also used the event to enhance the growth of Hispanic businesses nationwide, according to official reports which have reached 115% growth.

The meeting was attended by major corporations and government agencies interested in hoarding the growth of the Hispanic market in the United States. According to figures from the Hispanic Chamber, Hispanic businesses in the country produce about 400.000 million.

It should be noted that in recent years the number of registered Hispanic businesses throughout the nation is three times larger than any other ethnic group. California, Texas, Florida and New York are the states where Hispanic entrepreneurs have opened up more business.

The convention also served to recognize more than 35 Fortune 500 companies that have invested in Hispanic business causes or above 25 million. The Chamber referred to this select group as the Million Dollar Club.

To economists, experts and commentators are encouraging news this week originated in Miami and the fact that Hispanic businesses are growing at a rapid pace in such adverse economic conditions as the current is a good sign for the future of this country since Latinos are the fastest growing group, according to Census 2010. According to statistics, Hispanics grew by 42% nationally in the last decade.