Find Peace & Solitude In A Neighborhood Like No Other – Star Island Offers Quality Homes For Sale

22 September 2011

There are a lot of great home properties for sale that is found in the Sunshine State, but there are only a handful of neighborhoods that is more glamorous than the rest. In the Magic City alone, Star Island is probably their Ace of Spades.

Star Island, Florida is home to fabulous and highly expensive home properties inside a man-made island over the Biscayne Bay. This oval-shaped island has been home to a lot of famous showbiz personalities – hence the name, Star Island. Having a guard house at the entrance of the neighborhood gives residents the peace of mind they truly deserve.

If you want the ultimate luxury you have always been looking for –and you are willing to pay the price, check out different Star Island homes for sale via the internet or through your preferred real estate agent. Since the neighborhood itself only has 35 home properties, you will not have a lot of choices because quite frankly, all the good ones are taken already. In fact, the most recent sale for Star Island was of Roustam Tariko and his $25.5 million estate in April.

At times of recession, it is tough to earn good money nowadays – but sometimes, we do get lucky. If you have the money to invest on Star Island homes for sale then you should definitely take it. There are other hungry buyers out there looking for a great place to invest their money on. That is why when looking for Star Island homes for sale; do not think about buying it –just buy it!

Experience living like no other with a luxurious home property on Star Island. Even celebrities agree that this neighborhood gives them exactly what they want – peace and solitude. You do not have to look further, head over to Miami and see the neighborhood for yourself. Even if Star Island is a public neighborhood, it is still one of the safest neighborhoods around.

Remember that if you have the money to afford a home property on Star Island, do not even consider looking at the other options in Miami Beach, or even the Miami-Dade County, because you will never find a place filled with peace than Star Island. If you, on the other hand, have personal reasons as to stay away from some of the properties’ hefty price tags, Miami has other great neighborhoods out there, Star Island homes for sale are for the ones who can afford the luxury, if you are planning to buy a property on Star Island out of necessity, you are looking at the wrong place.

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Star Island Homes For Sale