Get First-Class Exclusivity In Biscayne Bay — Hibiscus Island, Palm Island, And Star Island Homes

21 September 2011

Exclusivity is not hard to find within the South Florida region. Of course, you will need to know exactly where to look in order to make sure that you really do end up with something genuine as opposed to the variety of options which only claim to be something that they are not since many tend to make false claims in order to simply generate sales activity.

Now, when it comes to South Florida, finding exclusivity is best done with the Miami Beach area and the reason behind that is simple: no other place in South Florida has an even higher concentration of luxury real estate options than Miami Beach.

If you are not fully convinced that Miami Beach is the place to be, all you really need to do is conduct your own research on where you can find the most number of rich, wealthy, and influential people living in South Florida.

In finding the most exclusive neighborhoods around, you will have a number of great options to consider, but we have taken the liberty of giving you a look into three of the most fabulous island communities that offer exclusivity in great amounts to help you find what you need on the real estate market. All of these locations are set upon man-made islands within the Biscayne Bay and offer people with the finest homes that the real estate market has to offer these days.

Hibiscus Island

The neighborhood found on Hibiscus Island is where you can find some of the most sumptuous luxury homes in the region. Hibiscus Island homes are definitely not for people who are working with conservative budgets because you will need to have a couple of millions prepared if you would like to live in this highly supplicated island neighborhood.

Palm Island

Palm Island is often recognized because of the fact that Al Capone once used to reside on this island. Nowadays, people can find absolute luxury in the selection of amazing Palm Island homes which are actually some of the most expensive home properties in the United States. But there is no surprise to find such luxury homes going on the real estate market for such astounding prices because the supreme degree of luxury that each of these homes are able to provide is truly priceless.

Star Island

Of all the islands found within Biscayne Bay, there is none more popular for being the neighborhood of choice by many celebrities than Star Island. There is no way that any person can doubt the degree of exclusivity of this neighborhood as there are only 35 Star Island homes around, and only a sparse number of these luxury homes are even made available on the real estate market which means that anyone who has the chance to make a move on these homes should definitely do so since the opportunity will only come once in a lifetime.

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