Miami joins the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

20 September 2011

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce U.S. (USHCC, for its acronym in English) made from this Sunday the 32 Annual Convention and Business Expo in Miami, one of America’s cities which have penetrated deeper not only the customs, culture and the Spanish language, but also businesses driven by Hispanics.

During the event, considered the most important business leaders engaged in this community across the country and will last until Wednesday, September 21, Hispanic-owned businesses have an opportunity to seal alliances with numerous international corporations, with the theme this year preside over the celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S.: “Renewing the American Dream.”

More than 4,000 participants, including employers, government officials, experts and NGO representatives will attest to the statement by the White House goal of the month and that defines not only the Hispanic minority group “largest and faster growth, “but as a community” vital “for the future of the nation.

Hispanics grew 42 percent in number during the last 10 years in the U.S. population to add now little more than 50 million, according to the Census Bureau, and even if it is true that as one in six Americans is Hispanic, this community has also suffered with severe rigor the brunt of the economic crisis .

According to official figures, 46.2 million people last year were living in poverty in the country, 13.2 million were Hispanic. The Office of Budget and Management U.S. said that revenue this year marking the poverty threshold for Americans sitáun below $ 22.314 per year for a family of four and $ 11,139 dollars for a single person.

However, the figure may give a misleading impression of how this community progresses in the U.S. because, in addition, statistics also indicate that growth of Hispanic-owned business is now three times higher than any other group records of the population and is even four times faster when measuring the increase in business undertaken by Hispanic women , according to data from the USHCC.

Ecuadorian businesswoman Nina Vaca-Humrichouse, president of the USHCC Board of Directors told the Associated Press that in the last five years the number of Hispanic businesses grew 114 percent in the country, a good sign that the thrust of this community has not diminished despite the economic times being experienced are not the best.

In volume terms, representing U.S. Hispanic businesses, it must be said that the USHCC is grouped around three million businesses that together generated revenues of over $ 400,000 million dollars a year.

The states with the highest number of Hispanic businesses in the country are in numerical order, California, Texas, Florida and New York, although the Miami Florida city where a good part of the companies have an ideal transit port for the bulk business and trade between the U.S. and Caribbean countries and Latin America.

During the four days last Annual Convention and Business Expo in Miami Special Events will be held, to which assistance has been announced, among other figures such as Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, Sens. Marco Rubio (R) and Bill Nelson (D), and the well-known Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan.