Indulge In Unique Opulence With Fisher Island Luxury Condos — Find Out How Much They Sell Nowadays

20 September 2011

If you are wondering where you can find the most superb real estate options within Florida then you should definitely look into Miami where the best luxury real estate properties are found in a vast selection of upscale neighborhoods all over the region and Fisher Island is one of the best options around.

The neighborhood of Fisher Island is situated on an island that was created in 1905 as a result of land reclamation within the Miami Beach area. Its construction began in 1919 when the land developer Carl Fisher—for whom the island had been named after—had purchased the property to which he later traded in for a luxury yacht to William Kissam Vanderbilt II.

Now, the land no longer resembles anything like it did during those times as it now happens to be home to an incredible range of luxury real estate options, including an excellence collection of stunning homes and condo properties which have definitely been quite the spectacle for many wealthy and influential individuals.

In fact, the wife of former Gov. Charlie Crist has even taken pride in her very own Fisher Island luxury condo which she had decided to sell in June of 2011.

The 3700 square foot luxury condo situated on the island neighborhood had belonged to Carole Rome during the time when she and her husband had just been dating. She had purchased the luxury condo in 2007 for a sum of $4.1 million and has managed to sell it off for $3.5 million to a company owned by Lala Golovkova whose origins are being kept private by the associated listing agent.

Now, Charlie Crist and his wife now rent and live in St. Petersburg and admit that it is by no means similar to the opulence of living on Fisher Island, especially since the luxury condo that has been sold had its spacious balconies to go with their 12 foot ceilings and very own private elevator that cost them an property tax of $44,000 each year. And much like of the Fisher Island luxury condos within the community, the property exudes a magnificence and glamour that is truly first-class.

Living on an island such as Fisher Island is definitely one of the most luxurious steps that anyone can choose to take in life, and those who are wise about their decisions when it comes to real estate matters will find that the beautiful collection of Fisher Island luxury condos is sure to be a delight to last a lifetime.

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