Choose Star Island Homes For Overall Convenience, Absolute Exclusivity, And Massive Property Lots

20 September 2011

Miami Beach is home to a myriad of upscale communities which are famed for the high degree of luxury that they are able to provide, but there is one that proves to be one of the region’s all-time best and that community is set upon a beautiful island in the Biscayne Bay within Miami Beach, Florida.

Star Island has long been the chosen pick of many wealthy and influential individuals from all over the world, including successful people such as Shaquille O’Neal, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Sylvester Stallone, and even Madonna. Of course that list goes on as many other big names have come to live on the island community, but the fact that so many of these people have chosen Star Island among the many other islands in Miami Beach really does say a lot about what people can expect from the community.

Overall Convenience

People that choose to live on Star Island enable themselves to be within such a close proximity to happening places such as South Beach and any of the other locations that happen to be within the Miami region. Everything is within reach because nothing is ever too far away from Star Island.

Absolute Exclusivity

Star Island is recognized as being one of the most exclusive upscale communities that exist within Miami Beach. It is home to a total of 29 home properties in total and that truly speaks volumes in terms of genuine exclusivity. In fact, it would be safe to say that Star Island homes are the real deal when it comes to limited edition real estate.

Massive Property Lots

One of the greatest features that people are able to enjoy within Star Island’s upscale community is the fact that people can definitely feel the luxury that emanates from the incredible Star Island homes which happen to be situated on large plots of waterfront property that allows people to have all of the space they need while keeping them so close to the beauty of the entire area.

If you were to put all of these features together and try to find any other location that would be able to provide all three in degrees that can even come close to that which Star Island is able to provide then you might end up running out of options because it is as clear as Swarovski crystals that Star Island and its superb selection of Star Island homes are the number one option for people that seek the highest degree of five-star luxury in Miami Beach.

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