Connecting charter flight to Fort Lauderdale and Havana

18 September 2011

For a few hours of Saturday morning, a corner of the airport of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood was transformed into a colorful stage. The music and traditional Cuban pastries were the starting point of a large group of passengers standing in line to check your boarding pass.

It was not any one event but the opening of the first charter flight to Havana from the vantage point of Florida.

“It’s a real surprise. We were not expecting such a lively celebration, “said Lazara Muñoz, 45. Beside her was her daughter Yesenia, 22.

For Lazara the trip to Havana will be a reunion with family and friends forever. Lazara got exiled to Miami in the decade of the 1980 Mariel across the bridge, and those things of fate, had no opportunity to maintain good communication with his family, especially her mother. For the young student will be in touch with the roots of a country just beginning to discover.

“The excitement is great because it is a journey that I can do every day,” said Yesenia.

Like other airports nationwide that have recently been allowed to operate direct flights to Cuba, joined Fort Lauderdale with a weekly at noon. The route is operated by the Airline Brokers agency that, in turn, rented a JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 for the day Saturday.

Airport Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood is the third Florida airport terminal that receives permission to transfer passengers to the island by charter form. Previously, the Tampa International Airport announced it had received approval, as well as Fort Myers on Florida’s west coast.

In January, the White House announced that it would initiate action to encourage contacts “people to people.” And he did.

The changes eased the travel of U.S. educational purposes. It also opened the doors to higher education institutions accredited sponsor travel to Cuba in order to facilitate obtaining academic credit or educational seminars.

Before the new rules, flights to Cuba were only approved from Miami, Los Angeles Airport and John F. New York Kennedy.

The requirement to grant the licenses is that airports have adequate customs and immigration services. U.S. travel only allow Cuban-Americans with relatives on the island and of Americans who meet certain requirements.

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