Star Island Homes Will Help You Redefine The Remarkable Essence Of Exclusive Luxury Living In Miami

17 September 2011

If you are looking for an exclusive home property in Miami, you can find no better place than Star Island. Situated to the east of Hibiscus and Palm Island, south of the Venetian Islands, this unique oval-shaped man-made island is one of the rare luxury communities that happen to be highly sought after by world-famous celebrities and rich individuals alike.

Having only 35 home properties in the entire island gives people a sense of security that they truly deserve. Having a guard house at the entrance of the Island gives you that added confidence that people need to know that their home and loved ones are indeed safe within the perimeters of this exclusive and private community.

Being the preferred residential community of many famous celebrities in the United States is what has given Star Island its name, which is pretty self-explanatory. Despite being linked to numerous controversies in the past, Star Island is a community that has never lost its glamor and fame.

In 2005, one of Star Island homes was featured in Forbes Magazine’s Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in the United States which certainly added a boost for Miami Beach in terms of its luxury real estate ranking.

The most recent luxury home property sale in the community was made by the Russian billionaire, Roustam Tariko, in April of 2011. The Star Island home estate costs $25.5 million which was also the biggest sale made since 2006. It is no secret that two of the richest men in Russia now own exclusive Star Island homes simply because they have never found a more suitable site for their luxurious standards of living.

If you have a keen taste for sophistication and elegance, be sure to check out the available Star Island real estate options as these luxury homes will provide you with nothing but in Miami luxury that you will never be able to experience in the likes of overly populated Miami locations which are visited by thousands of tourists at a time.

It goes without saying that the luxury home properties found in Star Island are on a level of their own. Simply by looking at quality of Star Island homes, you are to see that this exclusive neighborhood is not for the budget-conscious crowd as living in these parts of Miami is a luxury, not a necessity.

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