Florida Foreclosures — Learn About The Mediation Program And How It Has Helped To Fight Foreclosure

17 September 2011

As many as fourteen states across the United States have set mediation programs into motion but it seems that these are not used as much as they should be since a majority of banks tend to make the preference of pushing through with the foreclosure process as opposed to working it out with the homeowners that fail to live up to their end of the deal.

There are many law experts that have even seen loopholes in the mediation programs that have been sent into motion which end up making these programs ineffective. In fact, two years ago the Florida Supreme Court had sent out order that all foreclosure proceedings which were directly involved with residential home properties were to be moved to mediation under the expense of the associated lenders.

The program was launched in the hopes of being able to lighten the load on the courts within the state of Florida by taking the necessary steps to eliminate the mass volume of Florida foreclosures which were reaching the hundreds of thousands figure range. However, because of the fact that the program had not obligatory proponents to state the need for such actions, individuals that were engaged in the fight through their own foreclosure proceedings have not been able to achieve much from their efforts.

Many find themselves outraged by the ineffectiveness of programs that have already been implemented by the government. Many have even been led to believe that these lenders are primarily interested in being able to foreclose on the home properties even though the option of negotiation is easily available, and as more of these beliefs grew strong, the government has had to take a closer look into the viability of such notions.

Naturally, it had not come as a surprise to see that, as soon as the government stepped in to make their own direct observations on how banks and other lenders were usually behaving, the rate at which Florida foreclosures were growing seemed to slow down. Whether or not there is truth in the belief that local banks and lenders were ultimately concerned in acquiring home properties as opposed to conducting negotiations is yet to be settled, but the fact that people have managed to buy themselves enough time to recuperate and gather their bearings is definitely of the essence in today’s tough times where so many people are desperately fighting the possibility of losing their home due to foreclosure.

Joan Vonnegut
Florida Foreclosures