Wedding dresses for auction and other items lost in the Miami airport

16 September 2011

Several wedding dresses, big bags with baseball bats, hundreds of bags, i-Pods, jewelry, artwork, surfboards and other assorted items lost in Miami Airport will be auctioned this weekend.

“It’s amazing objects from around the world that there is and will be auctioned. We hope that up to a thousand people to come and bid on items,” said Greg Chin Efe, communications director for the airport.

The auction can be viewed objects that are normally stored “for a year”, although some take longer, and if in that period are not claimed by their rightful owners, it is then public auction, said Chin.

Among the articles there are also mobile phones, construction tools, toys, DVDs, musical instruments, digital cameras and all kinds of sports equipment.

In addition, over half briefcases will be auctioned, as this article is the most often lost in the Miami International Airport and not ever get to be claimed by its owner.

The price of admission to the auction is three dollars per person and all purchases must be paid in cash, without any possibility of returning the items after purchase.