Miami takes measures to curb the growing theft of copper wire

14 September 2011

The authorities of Miami (Florida) today announced measures to try to contain the growing theft of copper wire and the consequent expense of this type of vandalism on public lighting .

The theft of this precious cable, whose value can double in the black market after removing the plastic covering it, has increased in recent months in Miami, to the point that some residential areas of the city and several sections of highways, were left without electricity.

Therefore, local authorities today presented a draft ordinance that includes strong penalties for scrap dealers and processors to purchase and manage wire stolen.

The proposed ordinance also aims to establish ways to warn of the dangers of this type of cable stripping, which generally are made of pure copper, since it is a precious metal that conducts electricity very well.

Furthermore, it has created a working group composed of officials and people in the industry for scrap to analyze the problems and take measures to also reduce the cost that these thefts to the public purse