World Renowned Art Dealer Purchased A 50-Foot-Wide Townhouse In New York At $36.5 Million

30 August 2011

At times of economic hardships due to the ongoing recession, money can be quite hard to earn at this day and age. But not everyone shares the same sentiment as there are people who still have no issues in terms of finances. In fact, if you look at the recent home purchase in Miami costing about $36.5 million, you would find it very surprising – and so it happened.

Larry Gagosian, a world renowned art dealer has recently purchased a 20,000 square-foot townhouse of former owner J. Christopher Flowers which is located at 4E 75th St. in New York City, although the price paid is $16.5 million cheaper than its original price at $53 million.

This just proves to show that if you work hard enough for something, the reward can be far greater than what you have imagined – and in Mr. Gagosian’s case, it was a 50 foot wide townhouse, which will not be surprising if it is filled with tons of decorative art work.