Condo Sales In The South Florida Real Estate Market Are Still On The Rise – Only A Few Units Left

30 August 2011

Ever since the housing boom that was done several years ago has almost killed the real estate market of Miami, they are now looking at an even brighter light as the condo market for South Florida is starting to recover – slowly but surely.

Now that the condo market in Miami only have less than 70 left in its inventory for Fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami, it would not come as a surprise if all these condo properties are bought within the end of the year due to its continuously rising popularity in the worldwide audience.

Miami is not the only one reaping the success of condo sales – In Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, the respective markets still has around 5,000 units ready for occupancy – and it is being purchased at a regular basis.

No matter how you look at it in terms of real estate sales, if the real estate market has sold more than 5,000 condos and leaving only less than 100 properties left for sale, it means that the prices have either dropped significantly, or there are just a lot of people lately who wants to purchase great properties in the United States.