BMW Series 3 Vehicles To Be Equipped With Three-Cylinder Engines For Fuel Efficiency

26 August 2011

As more auto makers are putting a lot of their focus on their engines to promote better fuel economy, BMW has a different idea up their sleeves – a three cylinder engine inside a 3 Series vehicle! Yes, you have heard it right; they are going to put a compact engine into wagons and sedans.

Although these are merely speculations, at the moment, Dr. Klaus Draeger, a BMW board member, have been discussing this proposal for quite some time now because he truly believes that the Series 1 engine – which is a three cylinder engine, can make slightly bigger vehicles run smoothly and flawlessly without the need of making additional research for better fuel economy ratings.

You may find a lot of people who is going to disagree to BMW’s potential project, but if they are going to try to promote fuel efficiency and reliability, passing these standards are a good enough reason to go with the proposal.

Four cylinder engines has always been a trademark for most of the cars the BMW currently has, which were very okay back in the day when gas prices were not insanely expensive. Take the Z4 for example, it has all the qualities of a compact car, yet it holds a very powerful four cylinder engine underneath.

Together with the variable valve timing and the twin-scroll turbocharging, and as well as the timing technology – you can expect a quick 54 horsepower boost per cylinder, which is also amounting to 160 horse power if you base it on other results. I honestly hope that they would release Series 3 cars packed with the fine working three cylinder engines to promote unmatched cruise relaxation and fuel efficiency.

If the 3 Series indeed gets the proposed engine, it will only be a matter of time before sedans and wagons can step back into the game. So for now, all we have to do is wait and see what will happen in the near future.

Quentin Battle
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