Magic City – Sales In Luxurious Home & Condo Properties Continue To Increase This 2011

25 August 2011

The Miami real estate market is starting to get its shine back as more property sales, both homes and condos, have increased dramatically this year. According to recent reports and statistics – as of July, 2011, there has been an increase of sales in home properties by as much as 53 percent, and 31 percent on condo sales.

Now that the Miami luxury home properties are being sold off at a regular basis, the real estate market of Miami is definitely turning over a new leaf as they are now in the process of making new developments in order to accommodate the balance of supply and demand.

With the recent multi-million dollar purchase of a Russian billionaire in Miami, 2011 has carved a new milestone in the real estate market of Miami after selling the exclusive home villa for more than $20 million.

Now that the lower end home properties and the other luxury home properties in Miami are almost running out, leaving the higher end properties in the hands of foreign buyers and investors, Magic City is finally getting its touch back as it looks forward to come out strong by the end of 2011 with more home property and condo property purchases being made at all corners of the city.

Despite the recession, the sales for luxury homes in Miami did not falter one bit this year – and if this continues to happen, chances are the Miami market will definitely bounce back sooner than expected. If you are looking for a great place to invest your money on, put it all on home or condo properties in Miami so you can fully maximize your profit!

Quentin Battle
Miami Luxury Homes