LeBron James: “Being a champion is a real obsession for me”

21 August 2011
  • The Heat swingman just think the NBA.Hopes that the ‘lockout’ will be solved because “players and owners love basketball above all”
  • J. Easton. BarcelonaThe eaves of the Miami Heat, LeBron James , acknowledged yesterday in Barcelona to get the championship ring in the NBA is his great personal goal. It was he who called it “obsession” with his desire to seize a title that resists it. “Winning the NBA ring is everything to me. That’s all beyond me and is the goal I have when I work and what I always think. ” That’s how strong was the one who is considered one of the best basketball players in the world.

    At 26 he has won virtually everything, including the gold medal at the Olympic Games in front of Spain, one end would not mind repeating in London 2012: “For us, the first thing is to reach the final. Spain is a great team that we respect a lot, but there will be other good choices and should be taken into account , “said former U.S. crack.

    With respect to the lockout (lockout) that are currently engaged in the NBA, LeBron was very optimistic about a solution, since in his opinion, “Players and owners love basketball above all else” and hoped that ” to reach an agreement to start the season. “

    Unlike other athletes of the best basketball league in the world, James has not been raised at any time to play in Europe or in other leagues as long as the lockout: “I’m just preparing and training every day to improve thinking only NBA because we will go ahead with the season. That’s my only goal “ . King James is very confident. “Until we definitively canceled the competition, I replantearé my situation,” said two-time NBA finalist. But it also made ​​clear that “this time” not listening “offers from anyone.” Thus, it seems that next year the Chosen One will wear the colors of the Miami franchise, if allowed by collective bargaining.