Miami Condos & Home Properties From The 2001-2003 Real Estate Boom Are Vanishing Off The Market

18 August 2011

There have been numerous reports as of the 2nd quarter of 2011 that it is by far the most successful quarter in a long while due to multiple home and condo property purchase being made by a fair share of foreign investors and buyers in the Miami real estate market.

Most of the properties being purchased are leftovers of last decade’s boom that have created an oversupply of home and condo properties on the real estate inventory. But today, more Miami condos have been purchased by foreign buyers due to the fact that buying properties in Miami is better than renting because of incredibly low prices being offered by the market.

The good thing about these purchases made by foreigners is the fact that when they purchase a property, they do so in cold cash. And the best thing about purchasing real estate properties in cash is that you can get to have exclusive discounts on your property of choice.

Ever since a lot of investors coming from different continents started laying their mark in South Florida, the inventory of home properties and condos ranging from simple one-bedroom lofts to exclusive rooftop penthouses are slowing running dry. Miami is filled with magnificent properties, but because of the global recession and the continuous decline of the U.S dollar currency, realtors are forced to decrease the market value of certain properties just to break even from an unstable investment.

Nowadays, we consider condos and other real estate properties to be one of the most practical places to invest on due to the rising demand for rental properties. If one or more Miami condos or Miami luxury home properties are being turned into rental properties, chances are the mortgages would not be so brutal in the near future, and the economy should slowly stabilize itself while the balance should once again be restored within different neighborhoods throughout the country.

If you are looking for a bang for the buck kind of investment then you should heavily consider turning home and commercial properties for sale into rental properties. If you purchase a Miami condo today, you can have it up for rent on the market in as short as just one month. Since the real estate market is still unstable you can adjust the rental costs at your discrepancy to allow for the most suitable growth for your money.

Joan Vonnegut