Downtown Miami’s Icon Brickell Condos Have Given People An Inspirational Real Estate Success Story

17 August 2011

Downtown Miami’s biggest condo complex has definitely taken a turn for the better as it goes from being close to empty development project to a full and vibrant city community that continues to prove its great value for its excellent environment wherein a wide range of folks can thrive into their full potential.

A little over a year ago, the Icon Brickell condo in Downtowm Miami was starting to take on the shape of what many would believe to be an example of a grand idea which had unfortunately turned into a project gone wrong. Many of the project’s investors had turned their backs on sales contracts which left the condo towers almost empty, forcing numerous lenders to resort to foreclose methods.

However, things started to look up as foreign real estate buyers from nations such as Brazil and Argentina had started to take on an enormous interest in the Icon Brickell’s bank-owned condo units which were going on the local real estate market for such handsome prices. It was then that the Icon Brickell condos had begun to take on the wonderful role that was initially intended for it by its developers.

Now, over 930 condo units of the Icon Brickell’s three tower condo complex have finally been sold, leaving the complex a third of the way until it reaches its capacity. Unfortunate circumstances have led to the seizing of two of the three towers, but now that the things are looking better there should be reason for many to celebrate for this victorious outturn.

As bright as the plans had been when the project’s developers had started working on the Icon Brickell condos, the current shape of things have most certainly exceeded most expectations. In fact, banks had anticipated that the project would take three years before it would finally hit the point of absolute sellout but now the condo complex could very well reach that point within just 20 months.

There is no denying the massive contribution that has been brought about by the interest that foreign buyers have had in terms of the real estate market’s growth, particularly when it comes to that of the Icon Brickell condos wherein sales of more than 70 percent have involved foreign buyers who were paying with cash for their transactions.

Interested parties can still avail of these spectacular condo properties which are on the local real estate market with starting prices that are ranging from US$365,000 for their studio condo units all the way up to penthouse condo properties of US$1.4 million.

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