Negotiations For Four Major Miami Unions Taking Place Due To Financial Urgencies

16 August 2011

Johnny Martinez, A known Miami city manager has recently declared on Monday about financial urgencies taking place within the city. The four major unions of Miami are to enter negotiation talks for new and contract extensions with city officials of Miami.

The four major unions include – local enforcement agencies like the fire and police department, sanitation and general workers. It was recently reported that the contracts for these unions are about to expire soon.

With the budgeting for these departments in Miami experiencing shortages of up to $61 million for the next year, the four unions have decided to negotiate the contracts within a 14 day period to ensure awareness and clarification of the situation. It is also indicated during the recent negotiations that if there are no changes to be made within the negotiation period, the commissioners will have the right to balance the city’s budget to even out the budget allotted.

Aside from the negotiations that took place, the greater majority of Miami’s police union is encouraging everyone to recall Mayor Tomas Regalado. With the support of almost everyone on the force, the order of police voted a whopping 432-16 margin to upkeep the recall push notion.

With talks happening from left to right, all we know for now is that the city charter has never allowed such notions like mayoral recall – the state law is always superior to county laws or even cities, so whatever the state law hands down, that would be in effect.

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami