Miami Under State Of Financial Urgency For 2nd Consecutive Year – Should Regalado Step Down?

16 August 2011

Miami has recently declared a situation of financial urgency as more and more people are getting affected with the ongoing financial crisis – marking its second year of doing the same tactic.

What most people think about the idea of financial urgency is kind of bad – while the union of Miami gets 14 days of negotiations, the other issues and controversies lie dead and forgotten. A lot of locals believe that Martinez’s declaration of the 14 day negotiation is would not really solve the issue here – in fact, the administration will now have more power to control if negotiations fail.

The recent bond downgrade that happened recently might cause a bad effect in the coming months to years which may cause some people to lose their jobs because of cost-cutting procedures to save their budget.

Out of the 4 major unions that form the foundation of Miami – the Miami police union were the only ones who voted for Regalado’s recall. Because they clearly believe that the crisis would not be over unless that is the action taken.

May this be a lesson for people who have voted based on charm and good wits compared to the dedication of a great leader? Magic City is now under a financial crisis; surely it will bounce back eventually – but what happens after?

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami