Free Screenings To Be Held At Cinematheque & Colony Theatre For The Upcoming Brazilian Film Fest

16 August 2011

When it comes to digital effects and out-of-this world cinematography, Hollywood has made its mark since the beginning. But when we talk about different movies that came from different countries, we oftentimes feel curious about what it has to offer us – and in Miami’s case, the Brazilian film festival is coming soon – and with a bang, no less.

The upcoming 15th annual Brazilian film fest is set to start on August 27, and aims to open up free cinema viewing to fully appreciate the Brazilian culture and not just their rich and beautiful country. The free screenings is set to start on Friday as a teaser of what is to come next week.

The Brazilian film fest is aiming to feature 15 short films, along with documentaries and 25 award-winning features that are very popular in their home country. There are a lot of interesting movies that Brazil has shared to the world like controversial City of God, in which the story focuses on the slums of Brazil and the harsh reality of their lives.

The schedules for top upcoming movies like Time of Fear and The Payback are set to start at the Colony Theatre this Friday at 8PM. Followed by DZI Croquettes at Miami Beach Cinematheque at 9PM – which are all free of charge!

So better get your reading glasses ready and enjoy a different sense of entertainment at the upcoming Brazil film festival – a truly memorable annual experience!