Florida Power & Light’s Proposed Consumer Rebates Was Scrapped By PSC

16 August 2011

Florida Power & Light has been on the hot seat this Tuesday after state regulators has scrapped FPL’s proposal to hand out consumer rebates just to meet the standards of higher energy conservation goals.

What Florida Power & Light had in mind for the rebate program is to give customers a rebates for electronics and appliances that consumes a lot of energy and as well as replacements, a free water heater blanket and power saving light bulbs that are guaranteed to be energy-efficient. Although these may sound tempting, if you are a user of less than 1,200 kWh during the coming years, 4 years to be exact, you will have to pay for the program at a monthly basis for a price of $1.44 to $1.85.

While the proposal sounds really good and beneficial to consumers statewide, commissioners voiced out their concerns about major utilities such as the costly energy saving programs targeting the ones who do not have any plans of using them.

Prior to the decision PSC has handed down to Florida Power & Light, the agency has approved the special proposal given to businesses that consume more power than residential folks via discounts – which in turn can make a positive ripple effect in the economy giving businesses statewide the option to add people to their workforce to increase productivity.

The major reason why this program was not approved by the PSC is simply because of the fact that it would cost more money to make an effort to save energy – but it does not necessarily mean that they would not consider this in the near future because who does not want to save money at times like these?