Aggressive Buyer Behavior On The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market Has Fizzled Out To Rationality

16 August 2011

Many parts of the United States have been at an all-time high in terms of foreclosures and short sale rates. Having been exponentially affected by the recent real estate boom which took place around six years ago, the South Florida real estate market has been a platform where many different buyers have been fighting over certain properties that have been freshly placed on the Fort Lauderdale real estate market.

Real estate buyers were at their most aggressive as many of them began to bid much higher sums of money for real estate properties that were being placed on the market for a given price. Furthermore, many of these individuals were coming in with cash in hand to pay for these real estate properties that were going on the local market.

Eventually, the market had grown tired and began to slow down, and many of these individuals who had purchase Fort Lauderdale real estate properties were faced with negative amortization loans to settle which were giving people increasing payments due each month, and soon enough the value of these properties had dropped to values which were approximately one half to one third of their mortgage balance values.

Now, numerous investment properties which were acquired at the time have either ended up frozen in foreclosure proceedings or in the process of getting short sale approval, essentially drawing a big limit on the number of Fort Lauderdale real estate properties that cannot be pursued on today’s local market. As a result, the available inventory of home properties and other real estate options on the local market are not quite as high as other people might hope.

Having taken all of these factors and issues into consideration, people can now see that the property owners who have been placing their Fort Lauderdale real estate properties on the market are doing so within price ranges that are true to their actual market value, though some of them are even placing these properties for sale at values below their actual market value. Unlike the previous years wherein people were placing their properties on the market for exaggerated purchase prices, people are learning to become more realistic about their expectations when it comes to the issue of getting a good deal on the market.

Now that people are coming to terms with what they can truly get for their properties, more and more buyers are drawn to find these reasonable prices attached to these wonderful Fort Lauderdale real estate properties, and just as expected, many of them are looking to push through with these purchases while the opportunity lasts.

Joan Vonnegut
Fort Lauderdale Real Estate