Commercial & Home Properties In Vegas May Be Outgunned By The New York Real Estate Market

15 August 2011

Buyers of commercial real estate properties may have to look elsewhere or perhaps, back to big cities in the United States like New York, Washington and San Francisco as more and more economic uncertainties caused by the global recession, and Europe’s debt crisis slowly affecting the worldwide economy.

Now, more and more foreign buyers and investors are taking a keen eye on the real estate market of the United States as more people believe that it is the safest investment you could possibly make if you are looking to migrate.

This year, the real estate market has been nothing but nice to several markets nationwide. Most foreign investors target secondary markets such as Minneapolis and Dallas hoping to get a much affordable deal – but little did they know that top cities like New York, Washington and San Francisco are currently having its share a vast inventory of shopping malls, office buildings and luxurious apartments.

Now that more people who are interested in finding real estate deals and investments, New York is by far one of the best places to do it. Vegas is currently one of the top cities getting real estate attention worldwide, but now that New York is back in the game – expect a different city or state sitting atop the nationwide real estate market rankings.

The only catch with large cities is the fact that most people who would want to invest in major cities are more likely to expect new and updated buildings to compete or at least, compliment today’s need for luxury. Two of the best cities that may or would do fine without any risk are San Francisco and New York – as long as there are people who would do anything to be in these parts of the city, then no matter how the outdated the place may be, just as long as it is habitable, people will live in it.

Quentin Battle
Commercial Real Estate