The Aventura Real Estate Market — Condo Inventory Is Up To Face A Shortage On Resale Condo Units

13 August 2011

The oversupply of condo properties within the South Florida region has definitely been quite an issue for the past couple of years but the Aventura real estate market seems to have been dealing with a break to that pattern as it could very well be faced with a low number of resale condo units on the local market.

It seems that the local real estate market for this fresh young city is going to have to work around the shortage of condo resales as real estate transactions in the area have shot up by 27 percent during the first few months of 2011.

Many of these real estate transactions involve activity from international buyers as well as investors from within the United States that are looking to take full advantage of the incredibly low prices that many of the city’s condo properties have been given in an attempt to grant the local real estate market a much faster recovery from the global crash of recent years.

In the event that the resale condo activity continues to keep up, the local real estate market could be dealing with almost twice as many condo deals in the area in the year as was recorded in 2006, the final year of the country’s real estate boom. And while the resales are going at such a fast pace, the Aventura real estate market inventory is rapidly falling below 1000 units which real estate analysts perceive to be enough resale inventory to sustain less than 10 months of such activity.

People are starting to worry about where all of this activity is leading to for Aventura. There are those that feel that the future up ahead is looking bright for the local real estate market; however there are still those who are rather skeptical about what has been taking place over the last couple of years and would rather just sit back and see what has yet to happen instead.

Through all of these issues, many seem to wonder whether this phenomenon is even taking place due to the nature of the current Aventura real estate market conditions or if there is something truly exquisite to the real estate options that this fresh location has been known to provide to people from all over the world.

At the end of the day, none of these speculations will matter as much as the fact that Aventura will continue to thrive despite the on-going issues which seem to have everyone in the real estate world hanging on the edge of their seats.

Joan Vonnegut
Aventura Real Estate