Coral Gables Real Estate History — The Struggle & Success That Black People Had To Face At The Time

13 August 2011

Being able to successfully develop a fresh young city is something that requires two features to help make things happen: people with grand visions for the city, and people who will work hard to bring those visions into a reality. The beautiful city of Coral Gables happened to have both.

It was at a point in time—not long after the Civil War took place—when massive changes took their turn in terms of the local population, growth in the economy, as well as the amount of good fortune that people were able to accumulate.

It was then that the industrialist named James Deering built an Italian palace called Vizcaya in the Coconut Grove section of Miami in Florida. Soon enough, a nearby community called Coral Gables came into birth, only to be incorporated in 1925.

During this particular period, many social issues of racial equality grew rampant in many parts of the United States. Black people were relatively poor during this difficult point in time; many of them had no right to vote or partake of government and social affairs, and living within the same communities as white people was an option that they was not granted to them. As a result, black people were forced to serve people in society, and part of that meant being responsible for much of the labor that went into the development of cities such as Coral Gables.

It did not take long for the city’s developers to realize what a large contribution these black people had in creating one of the most magnificent communities in the country. Shortly after the incorporation of the city, numerous Coral Gables real estate properties were made available to the black laborers that put in so much hard work into making the city what it is today.

As years went by, black people were granted a better set of rights, and this included the opportunity for them to purchase real estate property in the beautiful city of Coral Gables. In fact, black people had become among the largest owners of land in the area, and this eventually paved the way for certain sections within the city that were considered to be neighborhoods for colored people.

Such locations have definitely served as perfect examples of what amazing opportunities can unfold for the simple people who have the initiative and drive necessary in building an entire city equipped with a vision and hard working people that can make that vision come true.

Joan Vonnegut
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