Hyundai Will Soon Unleash The New Bad Boy At Seas of United States – Asan 62 Luxury Yacht

12 August 2011

Yacht enthusiasts are in for a treat as Hyundai launches its first luxury yacht! Picking up its incredible car sales from over the years, Hyundai is now ready to take on a much bigger project – make quality luxury yachts.

By far, their first luxury yacht is their biggest one measuring 60 to 65 feet –heavily focusing on interior capacity and volume, plus the amenities that can only be found on cruise ships and other large ships. Hyundai’s first and largest luxury yacht is dubbed as Asan 62 – and if their first release is a success, expect more luxurious yachts from Hyundai.

In terms of performance, Hyundai can only assure that it would not be branded as “luxurious” if it would not deliver what is expected. So far, all we know is that Asan 62 promises great, or even excellent deck access and a high freeboard to ensure reliability and unmatched performance that is built to last.

There is no definite date of release for this bad boy, but prices will soon be added as soon as the project and development is finalized.