Anticipated Changes To The Immigration System Should Set A New Spark To Opportunities In Miami City

12 August 2011

People that work alongside the United States government have been looking at the possibility of having different ways to improve the current situation and it has been quite apparent that changes need to be executed as far as the country’s immigration system is concerned.

High ranking officials acknowledge the fact that it will not be easy to get much action done due to the fact that the country has been dealing with numerous political issues which stand it the way of certain goals, however it should be possible to administer slight changes to improve the current policy without having to call for approval from the congress.

The changes can be expected to take place relatively soon in the hopes that these changes might be able to contribute to the nation’s economy and trigger an increase in investment activity by making the nation even more attractive to international talents and projects.

The immigration system states that foreign workers that are granted legal stay in the United States on a H-1B visa can put up their own company but are not allowed to work for that same company, and this has proven to be challenging for a number of individuals. Upon execution of the anticipated changes to the system, foreign workers on H-1B visa should be allowed to work for their own companies as long as they are given full-time work with proper employee treatment.

Also, the government is leaning towards an investor program which will allow foreign individuals and their families to acquire permanent resident visas if they are able to place at least $1 million into an investment venture that can help to provide at least 10 job opportunities in the country.

These are among some of the slight changes to the existing immigration system that should be able to provide even brighter opportunities for people who seek for a much better life, especially in places such as Miami which has always been a top spot for people who are looking to establish life in the United States.

If you are someone who has good intentions in coming into the country for a chance at a much better way of life then you should definitely take the time to speak with a skilled Miami immigration lawyer that can give you an updated outline of what you can expect once these slight changes are in full effect. Thanks to these changes, more people can finally take part in the outstanding growth that has yet to take place very soon.

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