49 Percent Increase In Real Estate Sales As Of The 2nd Quarter Of 2011 In Miami, Florida

12 August 2011

Miami, Florida’s real estate market, whether commercial or home properties are experiencing a whopping 49 percent sales increase just this second quarter of 2011 – which is believed to be the biggest real estate gross sales since its continuing bloom on 2008, hence, making Miami’s real estate market bouncing back for 12 consecutive quarters.

According to a recent report by the Miami Association of Realtors, home sales – whether condo units or home properties – have sold 6,768 properties compared to 4,557 of the first quarter of 2011. This 2011, a lot of experts believe that this is just a start of something new and fresh for Miami as more and more buyers and investors are inquiring about the real estate properties in Miami. Compared to last year, it is estimated that Miami has experienced a total of 62 percent spike in home and condo sales alone!

For 3 years now, the real estate market in Miami is looking at a new environment, and an even fresher real estate market. As of 2011, the total home and condo sales in the real estate inventory of Miami has accumulated up to 64 percent – leaving interested buyers less than 40 percent of properties to invest on.

All we can say for now is that the real estate market of Miami will continue its developments of new home properties, condo properties, and commercial real estate properties to adjust the basic supply and demand ratio of the hottest city in home sales in the entire country.